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Thinking of you                  




                                       and your health.





Thinking of  the way you live,

                      the  way  you eat

                      and  the  place you live in.

Grow your own food at home in the wall of your apartment instead of buying it in the supermarkets.

Bring the garden to your apartment and afford yourself a healthy meal by using food grown in your GardenWall.

GardenWall is new Architectural element. It can be inserted instead ordinary fasade elements in the walls of buldings or as a partition wall in the apartment. Special photovoltaic glass produces electricity and can also overshadow when the sun is too powerful. In  the summer plants inside the GardenWall are cooling and reoxygenating air for your apartment.


In Gardenwall You can grow any vegetables during all year.  Conditions inside the GardenWall can be regulated and adjusted to plants’ needs by your mobile phone.


GardenWall can be self powered as a single modul or central powered as a group of modules in the whole building. System includes heating, cooling, oxygenating, watering and lighting. If the outside air is not poluted GardenWall can be opened to the outside of the building. System can be used manually or completely automatic.

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