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Special, unique industrial design, automotive design, product design and graphic design. Innovative and modern sollutions by centimeterdesign, cm-design, cmdesign

Matej Colja


Product  Designer

Hooked by scanning the surroundings and search for irregularities that should be corrected, to ensure a better life for all the people. The only path that leads to perfection is this, that nothing is so good that it could not be improved and he always emphasizing that the best design is hidden in the smallest details in the product.




In 2011, his project Gardenwall won the iF concept design award in Germany


In 2011 and 2012 he was proclaimed as perspective young designer in Slovenia

2012 started working on project Smart Wheel as designer and product developer, starting with solving small details to make electric bike kits more user friendly and easier to install. In the end he combined all the smallest and most important details into Smart wheel chassis.


2010 - Gorenje simplicity 3rd award

2011 - Perspective young designer

2012 - IF concept design award

2012 - Perspective young designer

2013 - Winner of eat and drink design

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